Nov 28, 2013

Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

Today is Thanksgiving! And since my future husband is from the USA we celebrate this holiday each year with a feast on the saturday after Thanksgiving (because in Germany we don't get the day off).
This year we're doing a pot luck with some friends and for window decorations I made this funny looking Turkey. The making was similar to the Haunted Castle I did for Halloween, but with a lot less cutting of the cardboard as thus a lot easier to do.

The future husband designed the outline for me again, because I am a terrible drawer and then I cut it out with a cardboard cutter.

Then I painted the body of the turkey with a brownish colour and the wings with red, orange and yellow. Since I painted the wings one after another the colours went into each other and made for a nice effect. I let the paint dry overnight before adding the beak and snood and eyes.

Tadaa, Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you celebrate any holiday that isn't customary in your country or community? I'd be interested to know!
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