Nov 24, 2013

What have I been doing? Workshops!

Ever since I moved back to Berlin I've been to a lot of Dawanda Worshops and because they're so much fun and I'm always crafting and chatting away with the friend I go or meet there I never take any good photographs of the crafting process to create a full blogpost on each workshop, so I'll just put a bunch of them in this post.

The last workshop I went to was for making a bunch of little things for an advent calender, that's used to count down the days till Christmas with little gifts and candies for each day. There were several materials to work with, for example: faux leather, felt, kam snaps, scrapbook paper, yarn, thread, wire and erasers for carving stamps. In the top photo you can see the things one of my friends made, love the felt fox!

I've already made a bunch of stamps from erasers in this workshop, but you can never have enough stamps! I also made a bookmark as it turns out I was actually in need of one and the snowflakes i glued on are very fitting to the house motto of on one my favorite character from the book I'm reading; "Winter is Coming!"

Aren't these wire statement necklaces cool? I made one for me and one for the future husband, but shh, it's one of his Christmas presents, so if he really doesn't read my blog like he always says I should be safe.

On to the next workshop, which was about three weeks ago, where we were crafting with faux leather, felt and kam snaps. The suggested crafts were not very interesting to me (bowls made from felt and envelopes made from faux leather), so I searched the lands of pinterest for something cool to make and I stumbled upon this awesome Takeout Box. I used felt instead of sewing together a bunch of cloth, because of it's firm texture and because it is just so much easier.

These last pictures were take at the Zpagetti crocheting workshop. Zpagetti is yarn made of t-shirt cloth that you can crochet with a really big needle. It makes for some nice bowls and since then I also made a bathroom rug out of some yarn I had lying around for quite some time (remember this?), which I'm gonna show you in my next post.
Oh, I also made a headband in that workshop, check my public transport selfie, wheee:
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