Nov 26, 2013

What have I been doing? Chrocheting!

I have rediscovered crocheting as one of my favorite pastimes. I remember practicing it as a kid, but always ending up with a crooked shape. Now that I'm older and maybe a little bit more patient I've come to like it again and miraculously the shapes are looking fine!
In the picture above I was crocheting on the Berlin public transport, probably not something I will do more often, because people look at you funny and try to talk to you about what you're doing.

This is the finished product (finished while watching an old episode of Sherlock with the gals). I'll probably use it as a coaster, maybe for a plant.

Then I finally used this ball of zpagetti yarn, which can easily be made from old t-shirts or other stretchy fabrics like so. Crochting is a great hobby to do in front of the tv. As you can see I've been watching Downton Abbey during this project, spent a whole evening finishing it.

Yay, bathroom mat! Now our feet won't get cold when we're standing in front of the sink.

I've also made this headband out of a ball of yarn I once found on the side of the road in Munich. Poor person losing that, it looked expensive. But more on the headband later, as it is not quite done yet, I'd like to add something to the front of it. I still wanted to show off the Star Wars selfie in front of my grannys old mirror.

That's it for tonight. Have you been crocheting or knitting away the cold? You can leave me links to your crafts and I will check it out!

This post will be part of Nina's Upcycling Tuesday and the Creadienstag.
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